Mahlako A Phahla

Mahlako IT

Mahlako IT is a next generation IT Services company which delivers smart and innovative IT solutions, encompassing smart infrastructure related Internet-of-Things solutions. The company is built upon the idea that what you can measure, you can manage.

Mahlako delivers an IoT platform that provides solutions for any Infrastructure:

Smart Facilities

Smart facilities encompasses connected environments, infrastructure and spaces. The smartness is derived from the various devices and sensors reading and tracking data and providing instinctual management control to utility usage, maintenance and security, the elements that drive facility management.

In the era of climate action, it is critical that we manage resources efficiently and effectively from an environmental, social and financial context. The future in this space is smart facilities. Mahlako provides the technology and data to transform our facilities and their supporting infrastructure.

Smart Utilities

effective generation and utilization of utilities requires data insights to better control consumption and spending by driving active decision making through real-time data. Mahlako’s smart solutions provide real-time visibility and flexible control of energy, water and waste management ecosystems.

Smart Portfolios

Mahlako’s infrastructure portfolio solutions allow for integrated views of smart facilities and utilities assets across vast geographical areas, both moveable and non-movable, within a single pane of glass. The use of Digital Twins brings intelligence to the system, allowing for pro-active remote monitoring and management.

Why Work With Us?

Drive effective business management

We drive effective business management through predictive abilities provided by the IoT platform, allowing for active reduction of cost and gains in efficiency.

ESG and Sustainability

We drive sustainability in the business through active monitoring, management and reporting on ESG and SDG impacts.