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The Importance of Energy Saving

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By Obakeng Hlongwa CA(SA)

Energy plays a crucial role in our daily lives, encompassing transportation, lighting, heating, communications (ITC), and various other aspects. Globally, we are currently grappling with issues such as greenhouse gas emissions and energy-related challenges. In the month of May, South Africans are commemorating Energy Month as a means of raising awareness and addressing these concerns. The month was declared in 2015 by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy. The observation aims to educate the nation about potential energy saving methods to increase energy efficiency. The initiatives and efforts to save energy has become much more important, beyond greenhouse gas emissions as South Africa is battling with the ever increasing pressure on the grid.

Energy efficiency has numerous benefits, and the benefits are as follows: Increased energy savings can lower greenhouse gas (from power generation); Increased energy savings can lower individual utility bills; and help stabilize electricity prices. The overarching benefit which supersedes all other benefits is energy savings help minimize the possibility of loadshedding by lightening the demand on electricity supply.

Moreover, there are many ways on how individuals can save energy, it is as simple as turning off lights and appliances when not in use. Below are methods that will assist with energy saving:

Take a shower instead of a bath

When taking a shower, one uses less water as compared to taking a full bath.

Switching off unused appliances

It is important to switch off electrical appliances when not used, to conserve energy.

Fit a light CFL energy saving bulbs

Energy saving bulbs are more efficient and use less energy as compared to traditional bulbs.

Turn off the bulb when not using the room

Turning off the lights when leaving the room not only saves energy, it also lowers one’s utility bills.

Do not fill the kettle with water

Boiling only required volume of water ensures the kettle uses energy adequately.

It is of utmost importance, especially in the present circumstances, to prioritize energy conservation not only for this month but for the foreseeable future in order to minimize strain on the power grid, alleviate the issue of loadshedding, and reduce expenditure on utilities.