Mahlako A Phahla

IDC Sponsors Prieska Power Reserve

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The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) has contributed to the implementation of South Africa’s industrial policy for more than 85 years and established, among others, the petro-chemicals and minerals beneficiation industries. The Corporation has stimulated large industrial projects in industries that are today acknowledged as the cornerstones of the country’s manufacturing sector.


The IDC was instrumental in derisking the country’s renewable energy sector and through its initial investments in this sector, facilitating the path for other funders to invest in projects in this space. With the increased move to cleaner energy, the IDC has put measures in place to expedite the energy transition and ensure sustainable energy security for South Africa and the rest of the African continent.


Key to this investment strategy is the IDC’s support for operational and ownership participation of black industrialists, women, and youth, as well as a focus on viable energy projects which will boost the country’s energy supply security, whilst not impacting the environment adversely.