Mahlako A Phahla


We invest in social infrastructure assets geared towards developing and transforming South Africa’s economy. We provide innovative, insightful solutions to advisory mandates and act as fund management stewardships through the rendering of our financial services. 


We have profound understanding of the energy value chain across different technologies. Invested in the renewable energy industry in solar and wind technologies, we also advise in various technologies including solar PV, wind, nuclear, gas and coal.

Social Infrastructure

We invest in and provide clients with a range of innovative solutions in the sub sectors of infrastructure including Energy, Water, Waste, Transport, Telecommunications, Information Technology and Critical Manufacturing sectors.


We develop and invest in social and student housing in a bid to redress the imbalances of apartheid spatial planning.


We bring with us a series of accolades as testament to our market leading presence, capabilities and versatility which indicate our strong stance to provide superior expertise in infrastructure advisory, asset and fund management.

Solar Capital De Aar (SCADA) 1& 3(2011)

Project development and shareholding in two Solar PV plants in De Aar, Northern Cape, totaling 75 MW each

City of Tshwane – Munitoria

Successfully advised City of Tshwane on the Munitoria project, the first municipal PPP accommodation project for the Tshwane House building

LandBank (2.4 billion)

Raised R2.4 billion in consortium with Absa for the LandBank R30 billion Domestic Medium Term Note (DMTN) Programme mandate

CoE (1.75 billion)

Raised R1.75 billion in consortium with Absa for the City of Ekurhuleni R3 billion Domestic Medium Term Note (DMTN) Programme mandate.


DMRE Solar Water Heater load reduction Programme in partnership with insurance providers


Part of the team supporting the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) with the implementation of the iREREP, also known as SIP 28: PV and Water Savings Programme on Government Buildings Programme

Mahlako A Phahla
Mahlako A Phahla launched with a focus on the developing Renewable Energy market in South Africa
Between 2009 and 2015, we invested in two Solar PV plants, and developed four projects in the REIPPPP, totaling 160MW of Solar PV and Wind.

We invested in Round 1 and Round 2 projects in South Africa’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP), being part of the first asset in the REIPPPP that successfully concluded a refinancing.
Mahlako invests in the South African arm of AON, a multinational financial services and insurance group with operations in more than 120 countries.

We became shareholding partner in the live power plant project, Solar Capital De Aar 1.
We further invested in Solar Capital De Aar 3 in this year.
Between 2012 and 2020, we have been involved in various landmark infrastructure advisory mandates, including completing the only successful municipal PPP – Tshwane House Munitoria Project and completing 2 Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPs) in 2020.

Raised R1.8 billion from the Debt Markets as part of the DMTN Arranger Mandate for the LandBank of South Africa, in consortium with Absa.

Developed a Renewable Energy Market Study, Acquisition Strategy and REIPP Project Register on behalf of the Central Energy Fund.
Raised R2.4 billion from the Debt Markets as part of the DMTN Arranger Mandate for the LandBank of South Africa, in consortium with Absa.
We concluded a flagship energy wheeling project with Amazon Web Services, taking up a 45% stake and have now exited.
We were appointed by the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) for the development of 2 sites that will consist of 1650 social housing units.

Advised on SIP 28 - Integrated Renewable Energy and Resource Efficiency Programme and SIP 33 - National Solar Water Heater Programme (Load Reduction) which were designated in this year.

Raised R1.65 billion from the Debt Markets during the height of COVID-19 as part of the DMTN Arranger Mandate for the City of Ekurhuleni, in consortium with Absa
We are currently advising on SIP 28.

Our subsidiary, Mahlako Financial Services launched afirst of its kind R1,75 billion Energy Fund in March.

We became shareholding partner of Prieska Power Reserve, a project which will start producing green hydrogenand ammonia in 2025.

Growing anything requires balance. 
We cannot develop the world without investing in it, 
We cannot invest in it without managing it, 
We cannot manage it without inclusivity, 
And it will be short lived if we don’t sustain it. 
For one thing to grow all things must grow. 
This is our contribution…

Balancing Growth 

~ Mahlako ~ 

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